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  1. Search for the drink using the dialogue box above and the results will appear below.
  2. From this list, click/tap the menu icon next to the drink to add to your menu.
  3. Any drinks that have been added to the menu can be reordered by 'drag and drop'.
  4. Using the X next to each drink in the menu to remove it from the list.
  5. Clicking the menu next to a drink result will also be removed from the menu.
  6. Once you have a menu you are proud of, you can choose a Title and Filename (both optional), and then press the "Generate Cocktail Menu" button.
  7. Once the PDF have been created it will open in a new tab, be downloaded automatically to your default download folder, or ask you where you would like to download the PDF (dependant on your browser settings).

Menu (Drag to Reorder)

Lock or unlock maximum height of sortable menu.

Menu Options

Menu Title

PDF Filename

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